Rick Santorum Wins Deep South

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Rick Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi last night. Now that he has a new revitalized momentum shift in his favor, Santorum is more than ever determined to stay in this race to the very end. At the same time, Gingrich is suggesting he will stay in as well.

First off, it is not a surprise to me that Romney lost both Alabama and Mississippi. These are deep south states and Romney has not done well in the previous deep south states of South Carolina and Georgia. But the Alabama and Mississippi primaries did show a huge momentum shift not for Santorum, but for Romney.

Compare the other deep south results to what happened last night. Romney lost by 12.6% in South Carolina and 21.3% in Georgia. Last night Romney lost by 5.5% in Alabama and 2.6% in Mississippi. That is a massive swing towards Romney in the deep south. It shows that more and more people, even in the deep south, are starting to accept Romney as the candidate to run against Barack Obama.

Regardless of the fact that it is becoming more and more improbable for Santorum or Gingrich to win the nomination before the convention, they are both saying they are going all the way to Tampa and want to have a brokered convention and battle it out there. This would be very bad for the GOP! The last time someone won coming out of a brokered convention was in 1932 when FDR won the presidency. Do you think any of the Republican candidates are the next FDR?

Going forward, I can see a slight momentum shift for Santorum in future primaries, but I cannot see him winning the nomination unless he stops Romney from gaining the delegates needed to secure the nomination before the convention, and then somehow convinces delegates to switch their votes to him. If that does happen, expect a landslide loss in November with Obama winning comfortably against Santorum.

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Contraception Fight Shows Why a Fundamentalist View of the Constitution is Dangerous


PZ has a new article on PolicyMic entitled, Contraception Fight Shows Why a Fundamentalist View of the Constitution is Dangerous. The title pretty much gives away the subject which delves into the line of thought that a strict view of the Constitution would be very dangerous because many things we take for granted would be eliminated if we took a fundamentalist view of the Constitution. Go check out the article on PolicyMic!

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The Republican Race Still Going

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After solid wins for Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday, here we are almost a week later and the race is still fired up. What should happen next? How long can this keep going on? What do the two races in Alabama and Mississippi mean for the GOP race?

The whole conversation would have changed this past week had Rick Santorum won Ohio. Instead it appears that the people of Ohio decided they would rather support someone who appears electable instead of someone who is more conservative. Has Santorum won Ohio, there might have been an argument for him and a momentum shift in his direction, but that didn’t happen.

It is my contention now that the best thing Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich can do is to start to wrap their campaigns up, slow down the overt attacks on Mitt Romney, and to bow out of the race altogether. The reasons why are simple. First, the delegate math is starting to look improbable for either Santorum or Gingrich to win the nomination. That means the only chance Santorum or Gingrich has is to go to the convention without a nominee chosen, which brings me to my second reason why Santorum and Gingrich should bow out. If this race goes all the way to the convention without a nominee chosen, the chances of Republicans winning in November are slim to none. The last several times this happened, the nominee that came out of a brokered convention lost in the general election.

Yet Santorum was out there this week attacking Romney saying that the delegate math doesn’t matter. Furthermore, Santorum is starting to say that the delegates out there can change their minds and he could end up winning more delegates than he currently shows having due to the way the system works. That is a huge problem, because Romney has undeniably won the popular vote so far and currently has more than double the delegates of Santorum. If somehow Santorum bends the primary process to come out on top, things will not play out well for him in November.

Unfortunately, it appears that this race could continue well past April and into June. Even though the two races in Alabama and Mississippi could change the game if Romney wins, I really do not believe he will be able to pull that off. Even if Romney does, Santorum and Gingrich seem determined to stay in the race as long as possible. If they do, Republicans can blame them for the landslide loss in November.

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Mitt Collects On Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney

Super Tuesday is over and so is the race for the Republican nomination. Mitt Romney will be the nominee, even if the race continues into June.

Without a win for Santorum in Ohio, his chances at coming back are slim to none. That means Romney will take the nomination regardless of what happens from here on out.

I will be interested to see how Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul continue to run their races. For the most part Paul has stayed away from bashing Romney’s positions and is in the race for delegates to prove a point (though he did come out against his Romneycare bill on Super Tuesday). What and how Gingrich and Santorum conduct themselves going forward with no path to victory will be interesting to see. Will they continue to bash Romney’s policies or will they start to gracefully exit the race? Will they try to redirect and bring up new policy proposals hoping to get back into the race they will inevitability lose? Will they reluctantly bow out?

All of this will play heavily in the November elections because if Republicans cannot build up their nominee, it will be a very tough sell to independents, Millennials, and everyone else who might instead stick with the known than the unknown that even Republicans seem to not care for. What do you think? Should the rest of the candidates start to bow out now and work to build up Romney who will undoubtedly be the nominee?

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Rough Week For PZ Ahead

This week is a rough one for me as I am traveling and working the graveyard shift all week long. As a result, don’t expect to see a lot from me this week.

But don’t fret! I have been hard at work on an exciting project that I can’t wait to reveal. Right now I am in the final stages of finishing it up and hopefully will have the big reveal next week! Stay tuned!

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Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum Tie Michigan

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Even though Mitt Romney swept both Arizona and Michigan on Tuesday, the official word from Michigan is that Romney and Santorum will split it’s 30 delegates evenly. How bad of news is that for Romney?

I have already argued that Romney needed a win which gave him both the popular vote and the delegate win in Michigan. It turns out he only accomplished one of the two. This could spell trouble for Romney going forward into Super Tuesday, but only if Rick Santorum hits this point hard and fast and doesn’t let up on it until Super Tuesday is over.

Luckily for Romney, I doubt Santorum will do this because he is focusing on Ohio now. Yes the momentum game matters, but it took Michigan over a day to let everyone know that the delegate race was a tie there so the momentum went to Romney. That hurt Santorum, just like the Iowa caucuses delayed announcement that Santorum had won over Romney hurt Santorum.

If I were Santorum, I would be very upset at the system. The only way to get faster, accurate results is to roll out electronic voting machines nationwide. Combine that with internet voting and you could have instantaneous results as soon as polls close. If that system were already in place for these elections, the momentum for Santorum would have been much different and the front runner may very well be him instead of Romney. Too bad…

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Romney Sweeps Michigan and Arizona

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

There was no doubts going into Arizona yesterday that Romney would take it away, but his home state of Michigan was another story. What does this mean for the GOP horse race going into Super Tuesday?

As I said yesterday, these primaries were huge for Romney in particular going into Super Tuesday. Now that Romney has won both contests, momentum is in his favor going into Super Tuesday. Even though Romney only narrowly won Michigan by a little over 3% of the popular vote, it is still unclear how many of the 30 delegates he will take away due to the way Michigan hands out delegates. In any event, Romney holds a strong lead in delegates awarded so far.

What is next? Some have argued Romney needs a change of strategy going into Super Tuesday. I disagree. I think Romney has the strategy to come out on top. This is a long race. The key is to keep on trucking and keep pounding Obama. Romney has done that better and more often than the other candidates who have been forced to attack Romney since he is the front runner. If Romney can keep it up, I have no doubts he can secure the nomination. What do you think?

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Michigan Primary To Change Momentum?

Paul, Santorum, Romney, Gingrich

Tonight is the Michigan and Arizona primary. Will the results of the primaries there change the momentum for the GOP candidates going into Super Tuesday?

Polling suggests that Mitt Romney has Arizona locked up. So that is 29, winner-take-all delegates, to his side (I still haven’t figured out what the point of the Republican rules are if Arizona can skirt the winner-take-all rule). What about Michigan, Romney’s home state?

This is where things get tricky. It is actually possible for a candidate in Michigan to win the popular vote there, but lose the majority of the state’s delegates. This is just another example of how the GOP rules for the primaries this year is beyond understanding, but I digress. The fact is that if Romney cannot win his home state, his inevitability as the GOP nominee will really start to be questioned. One week before Super Tuesday, this could be very very bad for Romney.

Rick Santorum knows this and he is not stopping at working on Republicans to vote for him. Santorum is also actively targeting Democrats to come out and vote for him in the primary today. Since Michigan is an open primary (unlike Arizona), anyone can come out and vote. Santorum argues that he will have to try to gain Democrats to his side to beat Obama in the general election, so he sees no problem with this tactic. Of course, Romney’s team has a different take, who called the move outrageous.

Whatever happens in Michigan today will definitely have an impact on Super Tuesday. Should Romney not win outright in both delegates and popular vote, it could spell trouble for him going into Super Tuesday. This is exactly what Romney doesn’t need if he wants to secure the election.

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Santorum Doesn’t Want To Impose His Values?

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

You have heard Rick Santorum say it many times on TV. Santorum says to look at his record. He doesn’t want to impose his values on anyone. Is this true? What does his record say?

Santorum was on Meet the Press this weekend when again he reiterated that he doesn’t want to impose his values on anyone. “Look at my record. I’ve never wanted to impose any of the things that you’ve just talked about. These are my personal held religious beliefs.” Santorum said. “There’s no evidence at all that I want to impose those values on anybody else.”

No evidence at all.

Let’s take a look at something that came up in the most recent GOP debate. At that debate, Rick Santorum was blasted by Mitt Romney for supporting No Child Left Behind. In that debate, Santorum said that he “took one for the team” when he voted for No Child Left Behind. Did Santorum really vote against his principles and take one for team Bush?

No he did not. In fact, Santorum wanted even more government intrusion in the way schools teach across the nation. As part of No Child Left Behind, Rick Santorum authored a proposed amendment, which became known as the Santorum Amendment. The Santorum Amendment was designed to do one thing and one thing only, to promote the teaching of Intelligent Design in science classrooms across the nation.

Santorum worked carefully with Phillip E. Johnson, who helped him draft the language in the amendment. Johnson is considered by many to be the father of the intelligent design movement, which began immediately after the Supreme Court case Edwards v Aguillard, which ruled that a Louisiana law requiring the teaching of ‘creation science’ along side evolution was unconstitutional. After losing that case, proponents of teaching creationism in science classes needed a new term. That term became Intelligent Design, or as I like to call it, Creationism 2.0.

Make no mistake about it. Santorum not only supported No Child Left Behind, he wanted it to go further. Santorum wanted to impose his values on everyone that goes to public schools by going around Edwards and promoting the teaching of Intelligent Design, which is nothing more than religious doctrine that says that life was created by God. It would be one thing if Santorum wanted this to be allowed in an elective class. No, Santorum wanted this to be taught alongside evolution. Why? Because Rick Santorum wants to impose his values on everyone in America.

So that no evidence at all statement from Rick Santorum is a pure, unadulterated lie. The Santorum Amendment is only one example of Santorum wanting to impose his values on the people through the power of government. Don’t be fooled by what he is saying today. Rick Santorum has in the past and will in the future try to impose his values on everyone that he can.

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Projects Coming On Political Zealot

PZ has been hard at work on some special projects, which with any luck will be available in the coming weeks. For the remainder of the week, for other reasons unrelated, PZ is taking time off. I will be back next week in full force with more political commentary from a Millennial’s viewpoint!

I want to thank everyone that continues to come by and read daily and hope you can share anything you find interesting with your friends. We have seen a great increase in audience over the past couple of months and I plan on bringing more insightful content in the coming months leading up to the Presidential election. If you haven’t already, please Like Us on Facebook!

Thanks again and see everyone next week!

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